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SAP Acquires No-Code Development Pioneer AppGyver

SAP SE(NYSE: SAP) announced that it has acquired AppGyver Oy, a pioneer in no-code development platforms that enable users with no coding skills to build applications for Web and mobile uses.



With the acquisition, SAP is better able to help customers and partners adapt their IT systems efficiently to their specific needs and optimize the usability of their applications. AppGyver’s solutions will become part of SAP Business Technology Platform. They will broaden SAP’s offering in the area of business process intelligence and be a complementary addition to SAP’s low-code offering provided by partner Mendix Tech BV, part of the Siemens AG.


“AppGyver helps us expand our no-code capabilities and establish a comprehensive offering in this area,” said Michael Weingartner, president, SAP Business Technology Platform Core, SAP. “Going forward, we can deliver a full range of simple and integrated application development tools that allow customers, partners and our own teams to enhance process automation and further improve the experience for users of SAP applications. By adding AppGyver’s solutions to our own no-code capabilities, we facilitate the creation of workflows, forms, robotic process automation and lightweight case management.”

SAP應用技術平臺核心業務總裁Michael Weingartner說:“AppGyver幫助我們擴展了無代碼功能,并在這一領域提供了全面的產品。展望未來,我們可以提供一整套簡單、集成的應用程序開發工具,讓客戶、合作伙伴和我們自己的團隊能夠增強流程自動化,并進一步改善SAP應用程序用戶的體驗。通過將AppGyver的解決方案添加到我們自己的無代碼功能中,我們促進了工作流、表單、機器人流程自動化和輕量級案例管理的創建。”

The acquisition broadens SAP’s new offering, the RISE with SAP package, of which SAP Business Technology Platform and business process intelligence are key parts. The new offering helps companies perform holistic business transformations that make them resilient, agile and intelligent.


SAP and AppGyver agreed not to disclose the purchase price or other financial details of the transaction.




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