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中華工控網 > 工控新聞資訊 > FRABA推出新的品牌商標與業務部門


CREDEMUS 該業務部門將以15年前FRABA通過成功預測“工業4.0”的理念與潮流而推出的高效“大規模定制”生產智造為藍本,并向對此感興趣的中型企業提供咨詢與支持服務。




新的業務部門和商標反映了弗拉巴集團的重大演變。該集團首席執行官兼大股東Christian Leeser解釋說:“老FRABA公司成立于1918年,專門從事機電設備和系統業務,主要以繼電器技術為基礎。到1993年,當我們收購這家公司時,現代半導體技術已經傳統業務過時,我們面臨著升級產品線和公司文化的挑戰。1995年我們成立了VITECTOR業務部門,為基于光學技術的商用門提供創新的安全系統。POSITAL是一家專業的位置和運動傳感器制造商,建立在我們從老公司繼承的光學編碼器的基礎上。新的創新包括現場總線接口(90年代)、以太網(2002年)和采用韋根技術的精密多圈磁編碼器(2007年)。韋根技術也是電機反饋解決方案創新的關鍵所在,POSITAL在2020年推出了世界上最小(22毫米)的無電池多圈模塊化編碼器。”


在編碼器市場,機遇與挑戰并存。Leeser繼續說道“編碼器有著非常廣泛的應用,也需具備各種機械配置與性能的產品線”,在早期,定制化產品由技能熟練的工匠打造。需要一支經驗豐富的銷售團隊來引導客戶購買合適的產品。FRABA的創新在于搭建了一個革命性的生產系統,可以提供各式各樣型號的產品且兼具大規模生產的低成本優勢。Leeser繼續說道:“我們在2006年通過模塊化產品設計和圍繞公司生產運營業務開發的綜合制造控制系統實現了這一目標。” 它還包括數百萬個計算機生成的數據表,這些數據表是由一個在線配置工具提供,該工具易于使用,并連接到網絡商店。如今,大多數訂單都來自于網上,開啟一個按訂單生產的流程,并可在幾天內交付成品。這樣的數字平臺方案將通過新的CREDEMUS業務部門提供給其他致力于數字化轉型的中型制造企業。


7月1日推出的新商標以一顆四角星為特征,象征著Christian和Achim Leeser在1994年推出的四項指導原則。在過去的25年里,公司文化培育了創新、轉型和增長,而FRABA之星一直指引著這段發展前進的方向。


FRABA Launches New Business Units and New Brand Identity

The international FRABA Group has announced the creation of two new business units: UBITO and CREDEMUS. Building on the successes of major in-house innovations for the established POSITAL and VITECTOR businesses, these new enterprises will be active in new markets such as Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things. The launch of these new businesses will be marked by new logos and branding for the Group.
CREDEMUS offers consulting and support services to mid-sized companies interested in adopting the highly efficient ‘mass customization’ manufacturing methodology that FRABA launched 15 years ago – anticipating the ‘Industry 4.0’ wave that promotes similar principles.
UBITO offers components for magnetic sensing, energy harvesting and wireless transmission with roots in POSITAL’s pioneering use of Wiegand Technology in rotary encoders. Grounded in the success of more than 1 million devices worldwide and continued improvements, UBITO will take this technology to new markets such as Smart Metering, Internet of Things and Wireless Power Transmission.
The new business units and logos reflect a significant evolution of the FRABA group. Christian Leeser, the group’s CEO and majority shareholder, explained: “The old FRABA company, which had been founded in 1918, specialized in electromechanical devices and systems, largely based in relay technology. By 1993, when we acquired the company, modern semiconductor technology had made much of this obsolete and we faced the challenge of updating both the product line and the company culture. We created the VITECTOR business unit with innovative safety systems for commercial doors based on optical technology. POSITAL was created as a specialist manufacturer of position and motion sensors, building on the base of optical encoders we inherited from the old company. New innovations included Fieldbus interfaces (90s), Ethernet (2002), and precision multiturn magnetic encoders with Wiegand technology (2005). Wiegand technology has also been key to innovation in motor feedback, where POSITAL introduced the world’s smallest (22 mm) multiturn modular encoder–without battery–in 2020.”
The encoder market offered special opportunities and challenges. Leeser continues “Encoders are used in an enormous range of applications, requiring an equally enormous range of mechanical configurations and performance characteristics.” In an earlier time, customized products were built individually by skilled craftsmen. A very experienced sales force was needed to guide customer towards a suitable product.  FRABA’s new approach has been to create a revolutionary production system that could deliver a huge range of products at mass-production cost levels. Leeser continues: “We accomplished this in 2006 through a combination of modular product design and a comprehensive manufacturing control system built around a company-developed cloud computing infrastructure”. It also includes millions of computer-generated datasheets offered via an online configuration and order tool that is easy to use. Today, most orders originate online, setting in motion a made-to-order manufacturing process that can deliver finished products in a matter of days. It is this digital platform that will be offered to other mid-size manufacturing companies through the new CREDEMUS business unit.
The new logos introduced on July 1 to accompany the launch of the new enterprises feature a four-pointed star, symbolizing four guiding principles that Christian and Achim Leeser introduced in 1993. The company culture has nurtured innovation, transformation and growth over the last 25 years and the FRABA Star has been an important internal compass for this journey.



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